January - J is for Just setting out on my plant journey...


The first plant I succeeded in growing – many, many moons ago when I was a uni student – was a Chlorophytum comosum, common name “Spider Plant” or “Ribbon Plant” (Australia), also “Airplane Plant” (America) and “Hen and Chicks” (Africa). All names are really apt…

Up until uni I had really only encountered outdoor plants and the realization that I could nurture something green indoors was a delight J

These really are one of the easiest specimens for beginners – some decent soil, water and light and they take off, sprouting new babies all over the place like green fireworks. Incredibly rewarding for very little work and attention.

Emboldened by my success with the Spider Plant I graduated to a Syngonium podophyllum, common name “Arrowhead Vine”. Equally as easy as the Spider Plant, this baby grew all the way from its pot up to the ceiling. Of course, it could have been placed on a shelf and grown all the way down to the ground… I was gutted when I returned from holiday to find that my flat mate had neglected to water it and it was dead L I love these plants with their heart-shaped leaves and there are so many varieties to choose from these days: White Butterfly, Pixie, Neon Pink, Pink Splash, Confetti, Painted Arrow and more.

A few more examples of Easy-to-Grow:

Aglaonema commutatum – Chinese Evergreen is another example of “soil, water and light are all I need”. One of these will sprout happily with very little care.

Spathiphyllum- Peace Lily is a very popular indoor plant with good reason. It is SO easy to look after and looks elegant when in flower. Peace lilies droop when they are very thirsty but revive quickly when watered.

Zamioculcus zamiifolia – Zanzibar Gem requires very little water so is ideal for those of us who may be a bit forgetful. It also tolerates low light areas.

There have been LOADS of plants in my life since those humble beginnings. Most have survived, a few have not… I get great joy out of making things grow. Join me on my journey…