Every Dad Can be a Gardener: 3 Plants for Differing Skill Levels this Father’s Day

In this article, we take a look at three houseplants with differing levels of care and hardiness to show there’s a plant for every dad, no matter how green his thumb may or may not be!
Ball Cactus
Being desert plants, cacti are difficult to kill, which can make them a great option for those who might be forgetful about watering schedules! These cute little plants love sunlight, and are perfectly-suited for balconies or bright window sills. Their resilient and hardy nature makes them a good choice for those who aren’t blessed with a natural affinity for gardening, but who still love the look of natural greenery around their home. With a striking, dark green body and golden spikes, these small pot plants can look fantastic against both white and coloured interiors. Our ball cactus plant comes in a plastic planter with complimentary gift wrapping, with the additional option of a white, black, pink or moss green ceramic pot for an extra fee. 
Bird's Nest Fern
This gorgeous plant is named after the arrangement of its leaves, which come together to resemble that of a bird’s nest. These plants grow best in cooler spots that receive lower amounts of indirect light, so be sure to keep them away from those bright, sunny windowsills! While still a relatively easy plant to look after, the bird’s nest fern requires a little more effort than the ball cactus when it comes to care. Too much sunlight can cause this fern’s leaves to wither and die, and it’s a plant that prefers to have moist soil at all times (but be sure not to over-water and drown it!). With bright green, glossy leaves, this fern gives off a jungle vibe and can look great against wooden furniture. Our bird’s nest ferns come with a plastic planter and free gift wrapping, as well as the choice of a black, white or moss green ceramic pot for an additional cost.
Fiddle Leaf Fig
The fiddle leaf fig is a truly striking plant, and with green, shiny leaves that sprout up along its centre core, this plant is sure to draw the eye. These plants aren’t overly difficult to keep healthy, but they do need a bit of care and attention to ensure they’re at their best. This plant can fall prey to root rot, so it’s important to keep your fiddle leaf fig in a pot with decent drainage. Fiddle leaf figs like moist, but not waterlogged soil, and when grown indoors, are best placed in a bright space with lots of indirect light. Make sure to keep this plant away from drafts, and to rotate it from time to time as fiddle leaf figs tend to be pulled towards sunlight, and this can help it to grow consistently on each side. We sell 20cm baby fiddle leaf fig trees with complimentary gift wrapping, with the option of either a black, white or moss green ceramic pot at an additional cost. It is also important to note that fiddle leaf fig trees are toxic to cats and dogs.
With so many options of houseplants available for all varying skill levels, plants can make a fantastic, different gift for dad this Father’s Day! And remember, for the avid plant-collector, we also offer a range of monthly plant subscription options!