Different Plants for Different Ocassions


Giving presents can make us feel good. In fact, it sometimes feels even better than receiving them! Plants can make a great gift (to ourselves or others!) as they can add a splash of greenery to a space, and can last a long time if given the right care. In this article we take a look at three different plants for three different occasions.



Work environments can be pretty busy places, and when you’re busy at work, you probably don’t also want to have to spend a heap of time taking care of a high-maintenance plant! If you’re looking for a plant to add a splash of colour to your work environment, but that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, one great option is Mother In Law’s Tongue. Mother In Law’s Tongue is an easy-going plant that can survive in full sun or in spots with very little light. It also doesn’t require a lot of water, meaning it can be good for busy workers who sometimes forget to water plants!



Plants can make fantastic birthday presents for nature lovers! If you have a friend dreaming of that tropical holiday, a Parlour Palm could help give their living space that chilled-out look. Parlour Palms are a great gift for friends with pets as they’re non toxic to cats and dogs. Parlour Palms like shady spaces, so can be great for indoor spots that don’t receive a lot of light. This plant is easy to care for and can survive with a little bit of underwatering, making it great for friends who can be a little forgetful!

If you have a friend who really loves plants, and you’re looking to spend a little bit of cash on them, then why not consider a monthly plant subscription?! At Bosque, we offer three, six, nine, or 12-month plant subscriptions, with a new plant and ceramic pot delivered to the recipient’s address the first Friday of each month.



Sometimes a friend or family member really goes the extra mile with showing they care for you. Whether it’s helping you move house, or watering your plants while you’re on holiday (we see the irony here!), you may be feeling like you want to give back a little and show you appreciate their effort. A plant can make a really great thank you gift as it can remind the person of how grateful you are of them each time they look at it. One plant that makes a super cute gift is the Baby Monstera Deliciosa. These little fellows are low-maintenance, so you won’t be gifting your special person a difficult plant to take care of. When these plants mature, their leaves can split giving them the iconic “Swiss Cheese Plant” look they’re renowned for. They love spots with filtered sunlight and indirect light. Just keep in mind that Monstera Deliciosa plants are toxic to pets, and should be kept out of the way of our furry friends.