Wild Flowers & Plants

We are not professionals, we are not qualified nor are we florists. Much like yourselves, we are creators. We believe that your home can become a sanctuary with the addition of a few wild, native plants and flowers. Too often these things of beauty are seen as too as expensive and so we forgo the opportunity to show a piece of ourselves thorough the styling of plants and flowers. 

At Bosque we believe the trimmings of nature are much like life’s journey...

Wild by nature, inspired by you.

Wild Flower & Wild Rose Box delivery Melbourne  

We promise to deliver a seriously good looking cardboard vessel containing all the ingredients to create & style a social media worthy visual feast. Our Wild Boxes will always house a generous amount of seasonal and varied wild flowers, natives and foliage.

Wild Box Contents:

  • X Flowers & Natives
  • X Foliage
  • Hydration for the day of delivery
  • Care/What’s in the box card

Leave intimidation at the door, pour yourself a wine and indulge in the tasty fauna and flora banquet before you. Create a few works of art or go crazy with a floral explosion and light up the living room, there are no rules. If something doesn’t feel right, pour another glass and go for seconds. We encourage the explorer to drive the creative direction but we will also upload a video to our Instagram @bosque.style to share our styling ideas.

We want you to spend as much time with your creations as possible, it is important to remember some blooms last longer than others and just because one flower is fading doesn’t mean the whole team have finished the game. See this as an opportunity to re-style.

Each week we will change things up to encourage experimental abundant beauty. If you see this as a long term relationship (like we do), we can't take you for a drink but we can certainly shout you one by absorbing the cost of shipping. Say yes to a fortnightly or monthly recurring delivery and we will ensure your floral addiction is adequately fed, no contract, no obligation and no shipping costs. 

If you're giving others the gift of a Wild Box then simply add a Gift Tag & tell us the message you'd like to send at check out. If you want to take things even further then add a bottle of wine, craft beer or support the guys at Thank You with a worthy inclusion to your box.

Wild Plant delivery Melbourne 

We love plants. Each has a story to tell and you, the stylist, gets to be a character. Choosing plants can seem daunting so we will do our best to narrow things down, change things up and ensure you make an informed decision. 

We have three sizes to choose from, if you know the space you are hoping to fill then use our measurements in the plant description to size it up. We will also update our selection weekly so be sure to check in from time to time if the addiction is real. If you are sending the gift of greenery then we recommend the Foundations selection for a desk or bed side table and the medium for floor space or to make a statement on a shelf. If you are looking for something in particular that isn't currently in the store, get in touch as there is a good chance we can help you out. 

Our plants come as a stock standard in a plastic planter, gift wrapped with a product card. You may choose to add on a copper or gold pot and a gift tag when selecting your plant. If you want to take things even further then add a bottle of wine, craft beer or support the guys at Thank You with a worthy inclusion to your box.