MARCHing into Autumn

We can all be forgiven for thinking Autumn didn’t start on 1st March – lots of us in Aus were experiencing heat waves. That seems to have passed, though, thank goodness and we can start to enjoy my favourite time of year when everything begins to soften after the extremes of summer – the temperature, the light, plant growth… So here are some tips for looking after your indoor plant babies as they begin something of a rest period:

  • Water less often. It stands to reason that plants need less water when it is cooler as less of it is evaporating. This doesn’t mean that they need NO water but check the soil before pouring it on and ensure to empty the water from the bottom of the planter so that roots don’t get soggy.
  • Hold off on the fertilizer until Spring. Unlike humans, plants take a rest in winter when there is less light and heat. They don’t need the soil to be replenished at this time. 1st September in the Southern Hemisphere is the time to reintroduce soil nutrients to help your greenery thrive.
  • Tidy up a bit – remove any brown leaves or straggly bits that may have your plants looking a bit bedraggled. Always good to have them looking happy and healthy. Give the foliage a squirt of neem oil to keep those leaves lush and glossy. Check out our Leaf Care Kits and bottles of Neem Oil…
  • Adjust light and warmth – particularly in colder climes. There aren’t many indoor plants that like to be cold or sitting in a draft. This may entail moving them to an area that gets more warmth and light in the colder months. It may also entail ensuring that a plant is not getting to much heat from being near a heater or radiator. If the atmosphere is particularly dry mist the leaves to keep them healthy. Check out our range of Indoor Plant Misters…
  • Don’t repot plants now. As with fertilizing, save this for Spring when the weather turns warm, your plants have been through their hibernation and are now ready stretch out some new roots and flourish!