Let's not kill our plants this Winter...

Oh baby its cold outside… Melbourne is officially the coldest place on the planet – its cold and its dark; two words not often associated with thriving plants.

Keep your Urban Jungle thriving this Winter with these 5 simple tips:

1. Ease up on watering

Overwatering is the easiest way to kill a plant. Over Winter your plants’ soil will stay wet for longer and prolonged wet soil = root rot. As a rule, reduce the amount of water you are giving your plant by a third, checking that the soil is dry before watering.

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2. Vitamin D

Filtered sunshine can make a big difference. You and your plant need it – so as it gets darker outside, try and give your plants some indirect sunlight. Even just a couple of days in the sun can make a big difference.

3. Watch out for that heater

Its not just your electricity bill that suffers over Winter – hot, dry air is not your plants friend. Incorporating a daily misting (a great excuse to break out the Copper Haws Mister) to your routine to help increase the humidity level.

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4. Block cold drafts

If you are the proud owner of a fussy plant then its best to keep it away from cold drafts. Plants generally prefer warmer spots and so using a plant stand to lift plants from cold concrete floors is also a great idea.

5. Winter cleaning

Ever notice more dust over Winter? As your heater blows warm air around the house, dust often follows and can end up covering the leaves of your green babies. Dust coated leaves struggle to absorb light. So spend a little time with a damp cloth, wiping those leaves clean.

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Fear not Bosque Explorers, its only 69 days until Spring!