Give Your Indoor Plants a Bath This Winter

Your pets aren’t the only ones that need a bath every now and then. Indoor plants can also benefit from a good clean from time to time (and unlike the family dog, shouldn’t get water all over you when they shake off afterwards!).

If you find yourself with a little bit of extra as the weather gets cooler, and look over and see your plant seeming a little dusty or sad, there are several ways to revitalise it and get your potted friend back to feeling its happiest and healthiest.  

We've listed a few tips to help you make sure your plants are looking and feeling their best over Winter!

Trim: If you’re noticing a lot of dead branches and leaves have started accumulating, leading your plant to look a little scraggly, a quick trim could do wonders to bring it back to a healthy look. An overgrown plant may also need a quick trim. You can cut back houseplants using scissors or shears (depending on the thickness of the branches), and Winter is a great time to do this due to the growth cycle of plants. 

These Sophie Conran Secatuers are perfect for trimming your indoor plant babies.

Dust: When giving the house a clean we often forget that plants can get dusty too! Dust can accumulate on indoor plants, making them appear dull and tired. To dust a plant, gently wipe it’s leaves with a damp cloth. If you wish to treat your plant to a healthy shine, while also repelling pesky pests, there are option available such as The Plant Runner’s Neem Oil to give your plant that glossy sheen.

Get glossy leaves like these in no time.

Re-Pot: Maybe your favourite little houseplant isn’t looking so little anymore and could do with repotting. Winter is the perfect time to repot plants, so if you’ve noticed your plant looking a little tight on space, there’s no better time than now to remedy the issue. As plants grow, so too do their root systems, so bigger pots are a must. Winter signals a rest period for most plants, which makes now the perfect time for giving much-loved plants a new home!

Our Medium Sized Ceramic Pots are a perfect new home for your plants.

Feed: While many people say to steer clear of any and all fertiliser in Winter, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s true that you shouldn’t fertilise as heavily in Winter, but that doesn’t have to mean avoiding it like the plague! If you’re looking to give your plants a full makeover this season, then a small amount of fertiliser can be a nice extra touch (just make sure to dilute it by at least 50 per cent so as not to shock the plant during its rest period). 

Our best-selling Plant Runner Plant Food. 

Move: One important factor to consider with houseplants is their placement, and winter is a great season to do any rearranging that may need to take place. It’s important to ask some questions regarding the placement of your plant such as do they seem to be happy and thriving where they are? Are they getting enough sun? Do they seem to need a little more sun? Different plants have different needs, and if you’re unsure it’s worth doing a little bit of research to find the perfect spot for your growing friend. 

Make sure fussier plants like this Fiddle have plenty of warm sun.

Water: Winter can make us feel dried out, and many of us find ourselves reaching for the lip balm more than during other seasons. As such, it may be tempting to think your plant is feeling dried out too, and wish to water them more, but the opposite is actually true. As plants will generally enter their rest period during the colder months, they require less water. Be sure to account for this with your watering routine, and cut back on how frequently you water your plants during these months. 

    Winter is a fantastic time to give your indoor plants some extra love and attention, and set them up for a healthy and happy time during the seasons to come. With a little bit of care and effort, you can treat your plant to a refreshing, revitalising experience this winter.