Heart Leaf Fern - Bosque
Heart Leaf Fern - Bosque

Heart Leaf Fern

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Heart Leaf Fern/Tongue Fern – (Hemionitis Arifolia)

This is an attractive specimen to add to any plant collection with its dark green, heart-shaped fronds. Each frond grows on the end of a black stem reaching a height of 15-20 cm. The foliage is not typical of a fern being thick, leathery, and slightly waxy. Native to humid areas of Southeast Asia this delicate dwarf fern cannot cope with dryness.

Care: low to medium light; water and mist often; fertilise occasionally with half-strength liquid fertiliser.

Plants in this range are supplied in a 12cm planter. You can choose one of our ceramic, cement or natural fibre pots for extra style. We package your gift carefully in one of our signature Bosque boxes and supply a Plant Care Card with tips on how to help this baby thrive.

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