Birds Nest Fern - Bosque
Birds Nest Fern - Bosque

Bird's Nest Fern

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Bird's Nest Fern - (Asplenium Australasicum)
This lovely plant is an Australian East Coast native. Its common name derives from its look - a nest-shaped rosette of fronds - and its ability to grow on trees owing to its shallow root system. The fronds are light green and slightly leathery, and radiate outwards from the rosette. Bird's Nest Ferns have an upright vase-shaped structure which will add visual interest to any room.
Care: filtered sunlight/shade; moderate watering; fertilise in growing season
Plants in this range are supplied in a 12cm planter. You can choose one of our ceramic, cement or natural fibre pots for extra style. We supply a Plant Care Card with tips on how to help this baby thrive.

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