Calathea Rufibarba - Bosque
Calathea Rufibarba - Bosque
Calathea Rufibarba - Bosque

Calathea Rufibarba

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Furry Feather Plant/Velvet Plant – (Calathea Rufibarba)

Calatheas are popular houseplants owing to their striking foliage. The Calathea Rufibarba may be pretty plain by Calathea standards but what it might lack in looks it makes up for in texture. Tiny hairs on the undersides of the leaves make them soft and velvety to the touch, giving rise to its common names. The long, feather-shaped leaves are green on top and maroon underneath – a lovely colour combination.

Care: Bright, indirect light; water little but often; fertilise every two months.

Plants in this range are supplied in a 12cm planter. You can choose one of our ceramic, cement or natural fibre pots for extra style. We package your gift carefully in one of our signature Bosque boxes and supply a Plant Care Card with tips on how to help this baby thrive.

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