Syngonium - Arrowhead Plant - Bosque
Syngonium - Arrowhead Plant - Bosque

Arrowhead Plant

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Arrowhead Plant – (Syngonium Podophyllum)

Named for its arrow-shaped leaves, the Arrowhead Plant is a vining specimen which can be trained to grow up a support or down from a shelf or hanging basket. It can also be trimmed to create a bushier plant. The most common variety is dark green with strong white variation but new varieties have lime and even pink colouring. Fast growing and lush, Arrowheads are easy to care for.

Care: medium to bright light; water regularly; fertilise occasionally during growing season.

Plants in this range are supplied in a 12cm planter. You can choose one of our ceramic, cement or natural fibre pots for extra style. We package your gift carefully in one of our signature Bosque boxes and supply a Plant Care Card with tips on how to help this baby thrive.

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