Variegated Creeping Fig - Bosque
Variegated Creeping Fig - Bosque

Variegated Creeping Fig

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Variegated Creeping Fig - (Ficus Pumila Variegata)

So pretty! The Variegated Creeping Fig is often seen outdoors where it makes an excellent cover for unsightly walls. It can, however, make an excellent indoor plant, vining down from a shelf or a hanging basket. This variegated version has thumbnail-sized leaves with broad white margins which make it much more attractive than its non-variegated variety. A vigorous grower, it can be pruned to your desired size.

Care: bright, indirect light, likes humidity; water regularly but not too much, fertilise in spring, summer and autumn with half-strenght plant food.

Plants in this range are supplied in a 12cm planter. You can choose one of our ceramic, cement or natural fibre pots for extra style. We package your gift carefully in one of our signature Bosque boxes and supply a Plant Care Card with tips on how to help this baby thrive.