Wild Flower & Plant Care

A few words from the experts...

Flowers, in all their charming, abundant, romantic beauty, require a delicate touch and some sincere care to ensure they grace your space for as long as possible.

Your wild flowers will arrive wet packed in bio-degradable material, bunched by variety and wrapped carefully to ensure they arrive pristinely. Once unpacked, trim each stem on a 45 degree angle before hydrating them in some clean, fresh water. Branches (including proteas) should be cut on an angle and crossed at the base of the stem with an X. This will help the harder stems absorb water.

Water is the key ingredient to good floral maintenance. You’d be surprised at how much water flowers drink, so ensure your arrangements are topped up regularly.

It’s best to condition and hydrate the flowers as soon as possible, keeping them in fresh water until such time as you can style them.

Once you are ready to style you can condition each flower steam, removing leaves that sit too low on the stem. It’s important that the lower stems are completely clear of leaves (leaves that sit in the water make it cloudy and can be prone to rot). Leaves closer to the top don’t need to be removed unless you are creating a vibrant flower only arrangement. Personally, I love to see a few leaves left on the stem for some added texture lower in the arrangement.

Remember leaves and flowers compete for water so top up more regularly if you’ve included wild leaves on stems.

Ensure any vase or vessel you use to house your flowers is clean before filling with water. Any residual soap will shorten the lifespan of the flowers.

Flowers are best kept in a cool environment out of direct sunlight and away from fruit. Ripening fruit gives off a gas that will affect the flowers.

Native flowers – Native flowers and branches such as proteas and gum will often last longer than fresh flowers like roses or tulips. If parts of your arrangement are on the way out but others aren’t then see this as a wonderful opportunity to re-arrange and create something smaller yet just as beautiful.

Foraging – If you’re lucky enough to have native wild flowers on your doorstep then why not forage for some unexpected additions to your BOSQUE box. Respect for nature, wildlife and residents is crucial here. Take only what you need and ensure your chosen flora is from a public space only, no cuttings from neighbor’s gardens allowed.


Plants add an incredible touch to your home and can truly brighten up even the dullest of spaces. Just like the addition of a piece of artwork can tie a room together, an investment into greenery for your space will deliver a world of reward as you watch your chosen plant grow and fill a space. At Bosque, we will always source the healthiest plants, in an array of varieties and sizes to ensure you are limited only by your imagination. Each plant requires different care and enjoys a different space in your home, that's why we include a care guide with every plant purchase. We are also available for further assistance and style tips if you need them...however, as with everything at Bosque, we encourage you to style something uniquely you.

Information compiled from our own experience and from ‘The Flower Workshop’ by inspirational Master Floral Designer Ariella Chezar. Purchase the book here