9 Month Plant Subscription - Bosque
9 Month Plant Subscription - Bosque
9 Month Plant Subscription - Bosque
9 Month Plant Subscription - Bosque

9 Month Plant Subscription

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Soph collects hand bags, I collect rocks and together we collect indoor plants. The addiction is real people! Own it, flaunt it and enforce it on others. It's healthy, on point and a says a lot about your style of gift giving. 

Gift the good.

Send nine months worth of green goodness with a Greenify Your Space subscription. The first Friday of each month will see a beautifully curated plant and pot delivered to you/your recipient. Dressed to impress and having a good time, this is a Kinder Surprise on steroids. 

How does this work you ask?

  • You pick a date, we send a personalised digital or postal gift card. This card will have some creative textual input from you, some factual info from us and look rather pretty.
  • The first Friday of the month is upon us.... deliveries go out! You/your recipient receives their first lush box containing a 12mm breath of fresh air (fancy name for a plant), a ceramic pot, gift wrapping, gift card & care card.

  • Eat. Sleep. Plant on repeat. Depending on how many months you have purchased, this epic cycle rolls on until complete. Each month a different plant and a different pot so that you can build your Urban Jungle.

Subscription perks include free delivery and discounted plant prices. Subscriptions are paid in full upon purchase (no further costs involved) and can be delivered to VIC, QLD, NSW, SA and ACT.

Please use the comments box at checkout to let us know if you would prefer a physical gift card or an email gift card to be sent, and use the delivery date calendar to let us know the date for the card to arrive (electronically or physically). 

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